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About Us

Meet Pascale, an enchanting French lady hailing from the vibrant city of Paris who now resides in the Bordeaux region. With two decades of experience as a travel agent, she has traveled the globe following her passion for fishing.


Beyond her expertise in crafting unforgettable travel experiences, Pascale is a skilled chef who is able to create remarkable flavor combinations through her fusion of cuisines. In addition to ensuring your stay is comfortable, Pascale extends her care to assist with your travel arrangements or any other needs you may have.

Meet Tiziano, a native of Milan, Italy, whose expertise extends far beyond the city where he was born. Having over four decades as an experienced fly fishing guide and tour operator, he has dedicated his career to orchestrating fishing expeditions across the globe. His expertise in organizing fishing trips is matched only by his unwavering passion for fly tying.  

Beyond his role in the world of angling, he is a journalist, photographer, and writer.   Fluent in Italian, Spanish, French, and English, Tiziano's multilingual dexterity ensures seamless communication.  Rest assured, he will make your stay one to remember.

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Meet Juan, a native of Punta Allen, where fishing is not just a job but a tradition and way of life. Also known as "Juanito" among friends, he brings a unique and authentic perspective to the Punta Allen Fishing Club team.  Juanito's mother is a true "Mayan," and has suggested many times that he was a fish in his ancestral life. 

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Juanito is well-versed in guiding anglers from across the globe in their pursuit of the elusive Grand Slam. His deep understanding of the local waters, coupled with a genuine passion for his craft, will ensure a rewarding fishing experience for all fish with him.

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