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Fishing Info

Our Boats:

We use specially designed 23-25 ft. pangas, tailored for flats fishing in shallow waters.  They feature a wide casting area on the bow and a poling platform at the back for optimal sight fishing. Powered by 40-60 hp engines, each boat ensures efficiency and speed.  Each panga is equipped with comfortable seating, rod holders, coolers, radio communication, first aid kits, life vests, and tagging tackles for grand slam fishing programs.


Tackle and Equipment:

We recommend bringing your own tackle and flies for a personalized experience. However, our lodge has flies available for purchase. For optimal performance, we suggest using 9ft rods paired with saltwater reels tailored to your target species. We recommend line classes: 6/7 for bonefish, 8/9 for permit, snook, and baby tarpon, 9/10 for barracuda, jack, tarpon, or sizable permit, and 11/12 for migratory tarpon during the season (late April to end August). Additionally, these heavier lines are ideal for open-sea pursuits, including wahoo, dolphin fish, grouper, and king mackerel. Floating lines are typically what is used for flats fishing, but there are opportunities for sinking/intermediate lines in deeper channels.

Leaders and Tippets:

For bonefish and permit, we recommend 10-12ft leaders in the 8-16lb range. 16lb leaders are most commonly used for permit fishing. For baby tarpon and snook, we recommend constructing your own leaders with 40-50lb hard monofilament (usually around 6-8ft in length).  For migratory tarpon, 80/100lb shock leaders will suffice.

Tippet spool sizes range from 8-16lb for adjusting the length of your leaders for permit and bonefish. For tarpon and snook, 30-50lb hard mono spools are ideal. This is to build your own leaders. Additionally, it is a good idea to have some wire bite in the 30lb range. This is to add wire to leaders for chasing barracuda, triggerfish, and other toothy fish.


Recommended Bonefish Flies:

Crazy Charlie - sizes 4-6 in pink, white, cream or olive. (Beadchain/Small Dumbbell Eyes)

Rag Head Crab - sizes 4-6 in white, beige or tan. (Small Dumbbell Eyes)

Bonefish Bitter - size 6 in amber & olive.  (Beadchain/Small Dumbbell Eyes)

Ververka Mantis Shrimp - sizes 4-6 in tan 

Gotcha and Gotcha w/legs  - size 4-6 in pearl or sand (Beadchain/Small Dumbbell Eyes)

Recommended Permit Flies:
EP Crab -sizes 2-4 in pale yellow, white, sand and tan (Large/Med Yellow Dumbbell Eyes) 

Rag Head Crab - sizes 2-4 in tan or sand (Large/Med Yellow Dumbbell Eyes)
Spawning Mantis Shrimp - sizes 1-2 in tan or sand  (Large/Med Yellow Dumbbell Eyes)

Floating Crab - sizes 2-4 in tan/sand

Recommended Tarpon and Snook Flies:

Black Death - sizes 2 to 2/0 in red/black, purple/black, white/red, chartreuse/white

EP Baitfish - sizes 2 to 2/0 in red/black, purple/black, white/red, chartreuse/white

Lefty's Deceiver - sizes 2 to 2/0 in chartreuse/white, red/white. 

Clouser Minnow - sizes 2 to 4/0 in white/chartreuse, yellow/chartreuse, white/red

Hamilton Bush Pig - sizes 2 to 3/0 in white/orange, chartreuse/orange, red/white, and mullet color scheme.


**It is ideal to have tarpon flies that have Large Dumbbell eyes or other weight for fishing deeper water.

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What To Bring

Alongside your preferred fly rods and reels, we recommend bringing the following:


Rain Jacket

Polarized Sunglasses & Lens Wipes

Sun Gloves

Buff (or other face covering)

Sunscreen (SPF 50+)

Long-Sleeved Sun Shirts

Long Lightweight Pants

Flats Booties or Other Wading Shoes

Line Clipper

Saltwater Pliers

Dry Bag

Personal Medicines (if needed)

Stripping Guards or Athletic Tape

Insulated Water Bottle (helps with plastic consumption)

Spare Fly Line (just in case)

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