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The Lodge

Constructed in 2009 using indigenous hardwoods, traditional Mexican stucco-style brick, and tiles. In adherence to the rich architectural traditions of the region, our lodge is a testament to local craftsmanship.

Our six contemporary rooms showcase Mexican artistic style with a touch of elegance. Ascending to the upper level, guests will discover our dining room, bar, and lounge, all housed under the expansive canopy of a traditional Mayan Palapa—the largest of its kind in the village.

This communal space also features dedicated fly-tying areas, bins with hand-tied flies, and a small gym. This adds a unique dimension to our guests' experience.

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Experience authentic Mexican hospitality with our heartfelt motto, "Mi casa es tu casa" – My home is your home.

Our staff of Pascale Leblanc and Tiziano Rizzotto boast extensive experience and knowledge of the fly fishing and hospitality industry worldwide. Working alongside them is Juan Briceño.  Juan is our distinguished captain of guides. He is recognized as one of the finest in the area, and as captain, Juan meticulously selects guides based on their reputation, fishing prowess, and professionalism. This ensures the highest standards of client care.

Without reservation, we believe Punta Allen Fishing Club is the perfect place to share your most cherished fishing moments, all the while enjoying fresh cocktails and our delicious homemade meals.  For those seeking pure relaxation, our lodge boasts several comfortable sofas, traditional Mexican hammocks, and a newly installed jacuzzi with fresh water.


The lodge is crafted to cater to your every comfort. Featuring six comfortable rooms, each equipped with either two single beds or a lavish king or queen-sized bed. Each room includes a ceiling fan and air conditioning, as well as storage for your clothing and gear. Every bedroom boasts a private bathroom adorned with an Italian-style shower and electricity 24 hours a day.


Lodge Capacity:

We can accommodate up to 12 guests with a configuration of 4 double rooms and 2 single rooms. Our captain suite includes three beds, which can make an ideal room for families.

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